What Makes Good Customer Service?

Sep 26 2017

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Every person has a slightly different opinion on what good customer service consists of. There are so many aspects that go into providing good customer service, that it is ultimately an impossible term to define.  

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With that in mind, we wanted to give our best shot at creating our own Ctuit definition of good customer service. We surveyed our Client Services team here at Ctuit, the majority of whom have lengthy backgrounds in the restaurant and service industries prior to their career at Ctuit, and asked them what they felt made good customer service. Here are the most common traits that were listed:

Empathy: “Practice empathy by engaging with the customer and understanding their needs.”

Attentiveness: “Being attentive. Anticipating your guests needs before they have to ask for something.”

Smile: “Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Your guests want to feel welcomed.”

Listen: “Listen, never assume.”

Patience: “Treat your customers like you would like to be treated. Ease your frustrations and expectations.”

Welcoming: “Be polite and cheerful to the customers. They come to you for an experience. Make sure they feel welcomed and appreciated.”

Genuine: “Genuine care and concern for the well-being of the guest, predicated on finding something about them that humanizes them in the eyes of the service person.”

Integrity: “Its easy in the customer service industry to cut corners when you are feeling lazy.  Have integrity to do the right thing even when no one is looking. It will reward you down the road.”

Knowledge: “Know your stuff if someone asks you, or at least act like you do! Then if you don’t, go learn!”

Be Present: “Leave your stress and drama at the door. Your guests are not coming to feel your life burdens. Be present in their experience.”

What do you think makes good customer service?

Amanda Wilkening

Amanda Wilkening

Amanda has over 10 years of restaurant experience ranging from Hosting, Serving, FOH Training to bookkeeping. In 2015, Amanda joined the client services department at Ctuit where she trained new clients on RADAR and assisted restaurant management and executives in their day to day reporting and operational endeavors. More recently, Amanda joined the Ctuit marketing team where she is happily applying her marketing degree and knowledge from Sonoma State University.