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How to Shop Your Competition

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Apr 13

Knowing your competition and what they offer is just good business.  However, “shopping” the competition is not necessarily about copying them.  While it is said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” this is not necessarily true...

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Thinking of Expanding your Business? Here's Our Road Map to Help

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Management, Business Expansion

Dec 15

Once your first location is profitable and running smoothly, you might begin to consider expanding your business into a second (or even third, fourth or fifth) location.  It is often assumed that additional locations will open and operate exactly...

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Choosing the Level of POS That Is Right for Your Restaurant

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Technology, POS Systems

Oct 23

When shopping for a POS System, it is important to first consider your business needs. Choose a POS based on what you need for operations as well as what you need for back office analysis. For example, if you are a hot dog vendor, pmix analysis...

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Restaurant POS Systems

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Technology, POS Systems

Sep 29

What are POS systems?

Fundamentally, a Point of Sale system (commonly referred to as a POS system) is a data collection technology tool. A Point of Sale is a computerized cash register that provides controls and analytics that a standard cash...

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Starting a New Restaurant? Three Reasons to Be Careful What You Name It

Starting a Restaurant

Apr 04

Naming a New Restaurant and How To Do It Right

There’s an excitement in starting a new restaurant. What will you serve? What kind of ambience will your restaurant have?  Who will be your target audience – families, the young and hip, gourmets and...

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