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Developing a Winning Culture

Staff Training, Manage Your Business, Server Performance, Restaurant Tips

Oct 25

One of the biggest factors in recruiting and retaining top talent is a company’s culture.  This is especially true of our restaurant industry as well.  In fact, a cultural misfit or lack of culture is often cited by restaurant workers as a reason...

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Are These Side Work Chores Getting Missed in Your Restaurant?

Starting a Restaurant, Guest Satisfaction, Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Server Performance

Aug 23

Side work. It’s the least favorite part of your employee’s jobs at the end of their shifts. No one wants to fold napkins or fill salad dressings after they have served people for the last 4 hours. But side work keeps your restaurant clean, and...

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The Power of Training with 100% Proficiency

Starting a Restaurant, Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Server Performance

Aug 01

Imagine this – you just worked a short 12-hour day in the kitchen, you finally get off, and you go for a pint.  You go to your favorite pub and order your favorite Irish Stout.  It comes to you in a chilled pint glass, filled with an iced cold...

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Are You Dealing with Burnout?

Restaurant Management, Server Performance, Restaurant Career

May 03

To most, the service industry is a lifestyle, rather than a job.  You probably chose this path because you are not the type to be tied to a desk for 8 hours a day.  You enjoy the constant movement and buzzing of the restaurant. 

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5 Simple Steps to Deter Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management, Server Performance

Apr 06

Unfortunately, in the restaurant industry where there is access to food, liquor and cash, there is often room for fraud. If left unchecked, this can have a detrimental effect on your business. There are many ways that employees can utilize this...

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Employee Meals: What System Works Best for You?

Restaurant Management, Server Performance, Employee Meals

Dec 20

Employees in the restaurant industry do not typically have the normal nine to five work day. Instead, they typically work through the peak breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. Not only that – restaurant employees are constantly on their feet,...

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Get in There Champ! Creating Competition to Boost Revenue

Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Server Performance

May 26

I spend my weeks talking to restaurant owners and their teams about the challenges they face in their operations. This past week I found myself deeply enmeshed in many conversations about how to motivate servers and guest facing team members to...

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Mastering the Art of Menu Recommendations

Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Server Performance

Jun 17

Make menu recommendations like talking with a friend

There is a right and a wrong way to do just about anything, including the art of menu recommendations. Make recommendations the right way and they can become excellent chances to build trust...

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Want More Efficient Service? Keep Heads Up!

Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Server Performance

Jun 10

Never underestimate the importance of your waitstaff. Good food may be a dining room essential, but without servers, it would never leave the kitchen. That’s why so much of Ctuit’s RADAR software is concerned with service metrics. Few things will...

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The Hidden Cost of Unmonitored Table Turning

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management, Table Turns, Server Performance

May 12

The Hidden Cost of Unmonitored Table Turning in Restaurants

You may think that the one time you don’t have to monitor tables is when they’re empty; once the tables are turned – that time period between one group leaving and the next sitting down...

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