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A Note for Managers: Lead by Example

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Restaurant Career

Aug 16

There’s no doubt that managing a restaurant is stressful. Ultimately, managers are responsible for all aspects of an evolving door of operations. While this is occurring, one of the biggest responsibilities that gets overlooked is for managers to...

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How to Keep Inventory Control Under Control

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Inventory

Aug 10

Inventory control is extremely important to a restaurant’s profitability.  Knowing your inventory and understanding how it moves can improve how you order product, reduce waste, and help deter theft.

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The Power of Training with 100% Proficiency

Starting a Restaurant, Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Server Performance

Aug 01

Imagine this – you just worked a short 12-hour day in the kitchen, you finally get off, and you go for a pint.  You go to your favorite pub and order your favorite Irish Stout.  It comes to you in a chilled pint glass, filled with an iced cold...

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Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Optimize Labor, Labor Scheduling

Jul 27

Summer is here.  If your restaurant is located near a large city or tourist area, you may be enjoying a boost in sales.  Knowing that these crowds are temporary, you may find that seasonal help is just what you need to get you through this...

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A Budgeting Alternative to Build Smarter Managers

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Accounting, Budget

Jul 19

Every restaurant’s success is based on building a solid budget, and consistently operating at or below that set budget.  There are several common terms for the different levels of flexible or fixed budgets, below are a few examples:

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3 Ingredients for Prolonged Success in the Restaurant Industry

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Jun 28

The restaurant industry is vastly competitive. No matter the size, popularity or concept of a restaurant, there are competitors all around. These days, many restaurants fail to stay afloat amongst the new trends and marketing concepts.

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How to Reconcile a Bad Guest Experience

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Customer Loyalty, Customer Reviews

Jun 14

No matter the service, whether it be for your car, beauty routines, repairs, or dining out, there is always the potential for poor service experiences. Everyone loathes bad service. It not only ruins your experience, but often imbeds a negative...

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Increasing Sales When the Guest is Already in the Door

Increase Sales and Drive Profits, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Jun 08

We all want to increase our sales.  Getting new customers in the door is certainly one way to do this, but did you know that there are several ways to increase sales with your existing guests?  Below are three ways to use your data to start...

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The Importance of Networking with Fellow Industry Professionals

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

May 31

The life of a restauranteur is busy.  Very busy.  Probably so busy that the last thing you want to do is stand on your feet for hours on your day off, talking to other restaurant people.  But networking is vital to your restaurant career. 

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Getting Started: Networking in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

May 23

Social networking is great, but it is still important to get out and have some face time with other professionals in your field. After reading about how important it is to network with other restaurant professionals, try to get yourself out there...

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