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Tips On How to get the Local Feel at your Chain Restaurant

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management

Feb 01

Chain restaurants are here to stay.  They provide a sense of familiarity and consistency that people find comforting.  You know what to expect when it comes to the menu choices, portion sizes, services, and other familiar features. But even with...

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Secret Ingredients to Boost Your Restaurant's Customer Loyalty

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management, Customer Loyalty

Nov 04

The time has finally come. The days of staying in for a home-cooked meal – of spending Saturdays browsing the local farmer’s markets and Sunday mornings at the grocery stores – are becoming obsolete. In an article published by Bloomberg Markets,...

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The Sharing Surcharge

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management

Jul 09

Like a bad call at a baseball game, there’s nothing that’s as polarizing as a split-item fee. And nothing seems to delineate the difference between restaurant folks and their guests than the idea of a sharing surcharge on a single plate of food.

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Why General Managers Should Work During Slower Shifts, Part Two: The People

Guest Satisfaction, Staff Training, Restaurant Management

Mar 23

In the first post of our two-part series, we discussed the financial advantages of having your general manager work off-peak shifts. These include keeping an eye out for money-saving practices and keeping employees busy – or even sending them...

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