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5 Simple Steps to Deter Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management, Server Performance

Apr 06

Unfortunately, in the restaurant industry where there is access to food, liquor and cash, there is often room for fraud. If left unchecked, this can have a detrimental effect on your business. There are many ways that employees can utilize this...

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5 Best Practices to Prevent Phishing Scams in Your Restaurant

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management, Phishing Scams

Feb 16

Phishing scams are usually fraudulent emails that look legitimate to try to trick you into giving away personal information. Phishing scams aimed at restaurants are often trying to gain access to your POS which has valuable customer information,...

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The Hidden Cost of Unmonitored Table Turning

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management, Table Turns, Server Performance

May 12

The Hidden Cost of Unmonitored Table Turning in Restaurants

You may think that the one time you don’t have to monitor tables is when they’re empty; once the tables are turned – that time period between one group leaving and the next sitting down...

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Why General Managers Should Work During Slower Shifts, Part One: The Profit

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management

Mar 12

It is an established practice for restaurants to have their general managers work the busiest shifts. As salaried employees – and often as the staff members with the greatest experience and seniority – it makes sense for them to work when the dining...

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Managing Self Service Beverages

Fraud Management, Restaurant Management

Aug 28

Increasing Sales and Reducing Server Theft

Self-service beverages can be a great opportunity for incremental upselling. Typically they are high margin and low cost items, which makes them ideal for upselling. At the same time, because they are...

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