Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Jul 27 2017

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Summer is here.  If your restaurant is located near a large city or tourist area, you may be enjoying a boost in sales.  Knowing that these crowds are temporary, you may find that seasonal help is just what you need to get you through this period.  Below are some helpful hints to those who are new to hiring seasonal employees.

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  • First, determine what shifts and/or positions you need to cover. This will help with hiring people who are available to fill those specific gaps.
  • Check with your current employees to see if there are some who are willing to work additional hours. Some might welcome this, knowing that it is temporary.
  • Ask your employees for recommendations. They may have friends or family that are interested in seasonal work.
  • Post ads and signs early at local colleges. Seasonal jobs are a great fit for students looking to make money while on break.
  • Hire based on personality. You want seasonal workers who are eager to work hard, are flexible, and get along with your staff.  These individuals should fit into your restaurant’s culture.  Often, seasonal help will decide that they want to become full time employees, so hire someone that you want around long term. 
  • Conduct background and reference checks. Although not the norm, a temporary employee may not treat your business with the respect and professionalism that they would extend to a permanent employer; this puts you at risk of theft or other misconduct.
  • Treat seasonal help in the same manner that you would treat a permanent employee. While it might be tempting to cut corners knowing that these employees will only be around for a short period, do not put your business at risk by doing so.  Most of the Human Resources guidelines and state laws require that temporary workers are given the same benefits as full time workers.
  • Keep seasonal employees’ contact information on file for future use. You will save time and effort having people who are already trained and ready to go when you need them.
Jennifer Day

Jennifer Day

Jennifer Day has over 16 years of experience in the marketing and communications field. Before joining the Ctuit marketing team, Jennifer previously worked at a major telecom company and was in marketing communications for a major point of sales (POS) manufacturer and software provider. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge on POS technologies, software and back office systems and the understanding of how they all work together to create a seamless customer experience while increasing profitability.