The New Era of Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Jan 26 2017

Manage Your Business Social Media Marketing

Remember the days when your restaurant gained its popularity and business by word of mouth or local advertising? Nowadays, the old-school types of marketing that restaurant owners relied on for decades are no longer enough to keep up with changing times and demands. In the last 10 years, social media has quickly become the fastest and most effective way to gain and maintain your restaurant’s success.

With so many different social media platforms to utilize, knowing which ones work best for your restaurant can be tricky. What’s more, knowing how to use the marketing resources that populate social media can be even more complex, timely and costly.

If you don’t want to pay for marketing resources to get your name out there for you – or if you rely on the old-school methods to keep you afloat – Here are two simple, cost effective approaches to get your social media marketing kick started.


Create an Account for Your Restaurant:

As of 2017, there are more than 20 well established social media platforms available on the internet. In 2016, Facebook alone reported over 1.79 billion active users! Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat also reported a substantial increase, with each bringing in over half a billion active users. There is no end in sight for these platforms, so joining networks and creating an account for your restaurant is a great way to connect with customers.

These social media platforms are free to join. Create one, share pictures of your menu items and events, and post updates about specials and new items. Additionally, you will need friends, followers and connections. The great place to start would be with your employees. Once your circle begins to grow, the social media site’s networking, location and ‘check-in’ features will start to increase your traffic exponentially. Eventually, your network will reach people around the world. You will need to keep active on your account with new posts and shares to keep your audience engaged and growing. This marketing strategy will save you money and time while achieving your goals.

Incorporate Your Team and Family:

As previously mentioned, you should start by adding your employees and even your family to your social media networks. This is a fantastic way to jump start your social media popularity. Ask your employees and family to share, comment and like your posts. This will get your Restaurants’’ publicized for you.  With the popularity of social media, chances are a few of them will already have a relatively large social media following. You can even offer incentives to your employees if they are willing to help share the Restaurant’s network. Offer them a free meal, or let them choose their shift for a night. Incorporating them into your restaurant’s account will allow you to reach many more customers in less time.

Whether you are social media savvy or not, you can achieve great marketing accomplishments by creating accounts on the social media platforms and updating them occasionally. Staying up to date with new trends will surely benefit your restaurant. You may even find that social media marketing is your most successful marketing strategy!

Amanda Wilkening

Amanda Wilkening

Amanda has over 10 years of restaurant experience ranging from Hosting, Serving, FOH Training to bookkeeping. In 2015, Amanda joined the client services department at Ctuit where she trained new clients on RADAR and assisted restaurant management and executives in their day to day reporting and operational endeavors. More recently, Amanda joined the Ctuit marketing team where she is happily applying her marketing degree and knowledge from Sonoma State University.