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Oct 11 2016

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“Family life is extremely important at Rise... RADAR has really streamlined the amount of administrative work so that they are not putting in extra hours after each shift.”

- Sylvia Steere, Director of Technology at Rise Biscuits and Donuts


Business Challenges

Opening in Durham in 2012, Rise Biscuits and Donuts had a simple plan to create delicious food at an affordable price. “We started as a chef-run local store with no intention of franchising” says Sylvia Steere, Director of Technology at Rise Biscuits and Donuts. “In the beginning, we changed our menu every couple of days, and didn’t even take inventory.” Once Rise was approached about franchising, the brand quickly began to grow. “With so many new stores opening in such a short time frame, we really needed to find a way to use technology to ensure quality and consistency in all of our locations.”

The Solution

Rise implemented Ctuit RADAR into both their corporate and franchise locations in order to get a better view into each store’s data trends. “It is helpful to be able to view and compare all of the stores’ data and data history weekly, monthly, quarterly at any given time from any location. Before RADAR, we didn’t have a way to compare metrics. We drove from store to store to keep in touch. With our growth taking us to so many new states that is just no longer possible,” states Steere.

Beyond accounting process improvements, Rise has also been able to ensure product consistency across the board with the Ctuit Recipe module by comparing how much they are purchasing versus selling down to the ounce for each product they use.

They plan to implement the Prep Module and the Nutritional Data Module in the near future.

The Results

“Family life is extremely important at Rise,” says Steere. “We have several fine dining trained chefs who left that lifestyle due to the long, harsh hours. Here, we are open from 7AM – 2PM so that all our employees are able to go home and spend time with their families, and we do not want office work to change that. RADAR has really streamlined the amount of administrative work so that they are not putting in extra hours after each shift.”

Another perk is the ease of use and easy training for new franchisees and managers. “The software is very straightforward. We worked with another vendor who sent continuous updates that would leave us feeling as if we had to re-learn the system after each new release. With Ctuit, the updates were painless with little to no changes for the end user. Ctuit does a fantastic job of making everything work the same in every module so you really only have to learn the first one and all of the rest come easy.”


Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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