Restaurants Turning to Mobile Technology from Ctuit to Deliver Schedules

Jun 25 2015

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Ctuit Software launches Ctuit Schedules, the employee shift swapping, messaging and schedule delivery tool

Ctuit Software, the leader in web and mobile solutions for restaurant management, announces their newest product, Ctuit Schedules, allowing employees to receive their schedules via their smartphones. Ctuit Schedules, the employee shift swapping, messaging and schedule delivery tool allows employees to add, drop or swap shifts, view schedules, message other employees and request time off. Ctuit clients utilizing their Labor Scheduling module can add the employee portal, giving their staff the convenience of receiving the schedules on their smartphones. Restaurant employees of all ages prefer communication via phone and text, simplifying their communications.

Managers can build schedules, review staffing levels, make announcements, approve shift trades and time off requests via either RADAR or Ctuit’s On The Fly mobile app, giving them optimal labor coverage. Managers also have the ability to utilize advanced overtime alerts, business intelligence charts, and reports to reduce labor costs. By building weekly templates by job or work center, the time spent scheduling employees is minimized by up to 60%, saving valuable time and keeping employees informed.

“This highly anticipated and easy-to-use mobile app is instrumental in creating and maintaining staff schedules, giving managers and employees access to their schedules anywhere,” states Rob D’ Ambrosia, President and CEO of Ctuit Software. He continues, “Saving our clients time and money while increasing their productivity is our goal and Ctuit Schedules is a crucial solution, along with RADAR and OnTheFly.”


Ctuit Schedules is now available in app stores for Windows, iTunes and Google Play.

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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