On Your RADAR - Winter 2017 Newsletter

Jan 18 2017


Ctuit Software Enables Restaurants to Take Prep Inventory from a Mobile Device

Version 3.1 of On The Fly™ unveils the ability for restaurant managers to take prep inventory counts directly from their tablet or mobile device. Additionally, users can assign barcodes to stored ingredients when taking inventory, and can upload photos of invoices to further alleviate the pain points associated with controlling food costs. These features will further streamline restaurant operations with less time spent on data entry and more time spent on customer and employee interactions.

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Leverage Technology to Ensure Your Restaurant’s Compliance with the FDA Nutrition Reporting Requirements


The FDA’s current labeling requirements include posting calories on menus and menu boards as well as providing other nutrient information in writing when operating in chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments. As the FDA developed nutrition requirements, Ctuit’s team of seasoned industry veterans responded with Ctuit’s Nutrition Module. Ctuit’s Nutrition Module links to the most current USDA database to give users the ability to track nutritional details of ingredients and recipes to ensure compliance.

Minimum Wage Increases for 2017


Due to the federal minimum wage remaining at $7.25 since 2009, many states, cities, and counties have increased the minimum wage on their own, letting their voters decide via local ballot. Through this method, 29 states will have a minimum wage higher than the federal level by the start of 2017.  If federal and state law have different minimum wage rates, the higher standard applies.

While there are arguments for and against minimum wage laws, they still are laws and must be followed. The increases vary from as little as a nickel per hour to $2. As always, be sure to check your local government for changes to your minimum wage requirements to avoid expensive fines, claims, and lawsuits that could result from non-conformation.  

Client Spotlight: Mama Fu's Asian House - Success Story

“Overall, we found RADAR to be a robust, user-friendly tool that was easy to implement across a rapidly growing company.”  -  Lori Nauert, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Mama Fu's Asian House

mamafu's.pngBusiness Challenges

Mama Fu’s projects their growth to include an additional 100 restaurants over the next five years. Locations are expected in Texas and the surrounding states, along with franchises overseas.

“We were using spreadsheets up until our 10th or 11th store” says Lori Nauert, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis.  “With our projected growth accelerating so quickly, we knew it was time to move beyond spreadsheet reporting to a more robust, automatic reporting system. Having to manually feed reports into the P&L was no longer an option.”

The Solution

Mama Fu’s began their move by integrating several of Ctuit’s Labor and COGs tools.  They were able to benefit from the decrease in administrative effort almost immediately by eliminating the need for double entry into spreadsheets.  Having better visibility into the data in ways that improve daily operations has helped them gain a noticeable improvement to their bottom-line. 

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Client Spotlight: Rise Biscuits Donuts - Success Story

“Family life is extremely important at Rise... RADAR has really streamlined the amount of administrative work so that they are not putting in extra hours after each shift.”  -  Sylvia Steere, Director of Technology at Rise Biscuits and Donuts

rise.gifBusiness Challenges

Opening in Durham in 2012, Rise Biscuits and Donuts had a simple plan to create delicious food at an affordable price. “We started as a chef-run local store with no intention of franchising” says Sylvia Steere, Director of Technology at Rise Biscuits and Donuts. “In the beginning, we changed our menu every couple of days, and didn’t even take inventory.” Once Rise was approached about franchising, the brand quickly began to grow. “With so many new stores opening in such a short time frame, we really needed to find a way to use technology to ensure quality and consistency in all of our locations.”

The Solution

Rise implemented Ctuit RADAR into both their corporate and franchise locations in order to get a better view into each store’s data trends. “It is helpful to be able to view and compare all of the stores’ data and data history weekly, monthly, quarterly at any given time from any location. Before RADAR, we didn’t have a way to compare metrics. We drove from store to store to keep in touch. With our growth taking us to so many new states that is just no longer possible,” states Steere.

Beyond accounting process improvements, Rise has also been able to ensure product consistency across the board with the Ctuit Recipe module by comparing how much they are purchasing versus selling down to the ounce for each product they use.

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Ctuit Technology Partner Spotlight: Venga
Venga has expanded their reservation management integration wth OpenTable to include a partnership with QSR Automations, Inc to bring a complete guest management solution to the restaurant Industry. 

The new partnership will provide a more engaging customer journey by leveraging the acclaimed front-of-house and consumer app solution from DineTime, with the industry leading guest intelligence, feedback, and marketing tools provided by Venga.

venga.gif

In the Community 

In 2016 Ctuit employees volunteered over 200 hours at nonprofits, charities and schools, including: Make a Wish Foundation, Food Runners, Petaluma Animal Services Foundation, SF-Marin Food Bank, Toys for Tots, Adopt a Family of Marin, and many other local organizations.  

One of our Client Service Managers has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity to build the home below from the ground up! 

We Are Listening

Each month, we receive many feature requests from our clients. We take every request into consideration and work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some feature requests we have implemented this past quarter.


RADAR Updates

THE PROBLEMIn Ctuit Schedules it was challenging to find someone to grab a shift that an employee made available for pickup. 

THE SOLUTIONManagers can now offer a shift to anyone with the ‘offer shift’ option within Ctuit Schedules, or “Offer shift to Anyone,” depending on permissions. This is particularly helpful in situations such as when an employee is terminated and a group of shifts becomes available for others to pick up.

THE PROBLEMIn Ctuit Schedules when a shift is offered from one employee to another, a manager could go in to the Labor Scheduling Module and approve the shift swap before it was accepted by the target employee. This could potentially create an ambiguous situation as the second employee may be approved for a shift without explicit awareness.

THE SOLUTIONIn order to enforce the acceptance of the shift change by the target employee, there is a new Labor Scheduling Module Setting under the Ctuit Schedules section with "Manager can both accept and approve pending shift changes between employees?" The default setting is "No", which requires explicit acknowledgment by all parties involved. If the Company would like to override this and allow managers to both accept and approve pending shift changes, then just alter the setting to "Yes."

THE PROBLEMIn the Inventory Module, when tracking Waste Entries, the staff that was recording the numbers did not have computer access while working.

THE SOLUTIONThere is now an Inventory Report called the Waste Template Sheet. This will allow a Location to print out the Waste Template to facilitate manual entry for later entry in to RADAR.


Mobile Updates

THE PROBLEMUsers were taking prep inventory on paper then entering them into a computer to get prep sheets. 

THE SOLUTION: On The Fly™ version 3.1 allows users to create a prep inventory session and enter prep inventory directly from a mobile device. Additionally, offline inventory is available for areas like the freezer with limited Wi-Fi connectivity so that users don’t lose their entered data. 

THE PROBLEMPreviously, users could only compare sales figures to the prior year for the same calendar date. Unfortunate, this limited visibility for year over year comparisons for holidays and other day based events. 

THE SOLUTION: On The Fly™ now offers Trend Charts, which allow users to select the same day or week to compare to a previous year, instead of just comparing to the same calendar date. 

THE PROBLEM: Invoice Imaging allowed users to attach an image to an individual invoice, but not to an invoice batch. 

THE SOLUTION: On The Fly™ now supports batch level Invoice Imaging allowing users to attach a PDF file containing multiple invoices to a group of invoices, rather than just individual invoices. 

Thanks for your input!

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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