On Your RADAR - Summer 2016 Newsletter

Jul 01 2016


ANNOUNCING: Waste Entry Templates

Food waste is one of the largest areas of potential cost savings in a restaurant. Food waste may take the form of spoiled inventory, non-adherence to recipes, trim waste, overproduction and more. To determine areas where waste can be reduced, it is critical to track pre-consumer restaurant waste.

In 2015, Ctuit released Waste Entry, a tool that allowed customers to input food waste into RADAR’s Inventory Module. This year, Ctuit has released updated functionality to streamline this tool and enter waste in a template that would mimic a more traditional waste log.

The Waste Entry Template tool allows users to build out waste logs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis for items that commonly go to waste in their restaurant operations. Users have reported 70-85% time savings in data entry by utilizing the new Waste Entry Templates.

The Waste Entry Template adds to the store of powerful tools in the Inventory Module, which allows restaurants to take inventory with their mobile device via On The Fly™, create store-to-store transfers, monitor item activity and price, and access inventory charts, reports, exports and more.

For more information reach out to client_services@ctuit.com

Did you know that you can track labor compliance issues in RADAR?

RADAR’s Special Pay module helps you implement your company’s labor compliance policy. Using a configurable set of special pay rules, you can monitor meal break penalties, split shift premiums, and location-based minimum wage compensation.


Benefits of RADAR's Special Pay Module:

  • Apply state and local labor law rules by location where you operate.
  • Combine labor data for employees working at multiple locations.
  • Manage your local, state, and federal minimum wage rates and changes using RADAR’s Minimum Wage Manager.
  • Export payroll information including company defined labor penalties to your payroll software or provider.

Point of Sale Spotlight

Ctuit Software Announces Integration with GUSTO Point of Sale

Ctuit Software announces a new integration with GUSTO point of sale, allowing GUSTO customers to access advanced business intelligence data through Ctuit RADAR’s restaurant management platform.

“Tight integration with Ctuit is yet another example of Gusto working closely with leading vendors of complementary products that restaurants increasingly require of their POS platform,” says Bill Draper, Founder, and CTO of Gusto. “Gusto is proud to partner with Ctuit in our continued commitment to providing our customers with the best choices of solutions to run their restaurant.”


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5 Key Steps to Controlling Your Restaurant's Cost of Goods Sold Infographic

Calculating your restaurant’s cost of goods sold can be as easy as these five simple steps with this straightforward infographic. View infographic.

Client Spotlight

A.Ray Hospitality – Success Story

“Ctuit is a tool that gives you all of the information so that you can make the best decision possible.” 

Tom Perry, COO, A.Ray Hospitality


A.Ray Hospitality: A.Ray Hospitality is a small independent restaurant chain founded by Austin Ray. When the economy turned, Austin had the foresight to lock in a great location with a great lease and created M.L.Rose. This success led to opening a second location five years later with three more slated in the next three years.

The Business Challenges: A.Ray Hospitality needed a labor scheduling solution. Ctuit’s RADAR Restaurant Management Solution was recommended by several other independent restaurants in their community for labor scheduling and more.

The Solution: A.Ray started the search for a labor scheduling platform and after comparing Ctuit to other scheduling platforms, A.Ray deployed Ctuit because ultimately, Ctuit provided a fully loaded solution at a lower cost. In addition to labor scheduling, Ctuit provides all the tools A.Ray needs to efficiently run their operations. Read more

In the Community 

Ctuit donated our monolithic retired tradeshow booth to a recycled arts project at local high school. The students converted the scrap metal into a grand entrance for their art display open house!



"It's important for students to know the effects humans have on the world... What was great is that not only did we learn a little about the amount of waste we produce but we were able to research what was and what wasn't recyclable in our area... it really gives the kids the chance to use their imagination and creativity to design something not only from the ground up but that speaks out about an issue." 

– Eleni Katsaros, Art & Design Teacher, San Marin High School.

We Are Listening

Each month, we receive many feature requests from our clients. We take every request into consideration and work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some feature requests we have implemented this past quarter.

RADAR Updates

THE PROBLEM: On the recently added ability to upload Invoice Images in Accounts Payable, when utilizing those images to facilitate data entry, they would not stay visible, zoomed, or centered according to user preferences.

THE SOLUTION: When working on an Invoice with images that have been uploaded to the specific Invoice or to the containing Invoice Batch, if an image is selected, zoomed, and centered, it will remain that way throughout editing or until another image is selected.

THE PROBLEM: In the Inventory Module, the ability to track Waste had been added to Radar but the process was hindered by the need to search for items individually when recording waste entries.

THE SOLUTION: In the Inventory Module on the Tools menu just below Waste Entry is a new option, Waste Templates. The ability to build Waste Templates for re-use on commonly wasted items fosters a streamlined process aligned with ongoing operations and known patterns of recurring waste. 

THE PROBLEM: In the Labor Scheduling Module when using the Builder page to create schedules, there is a common occurrence where multiple people may be working on the same schedules and create overlapping shifts. The system does have an alert related to “Double Booked” employees, but it is targeted towards posted schedules and requires additional editing. 

THE SOLUTION: In Advanced Labor Scheduling on the Labor Scheduling Settings, there is a new setting called “Consider other unposted schedules for Double Booked alerts?” If this is set to “Yes” while adding shifts for employees that are already scheduled, a “Double Booked” notification will appear in the alerts summary and allow for in process editing prior to posting a schedule.

Mobile Updates

THE PROBLEM: A long list of items in a storage location made taking inventory time consuming while using On The Fly™.

THE SOLUTION: On The Fly™ now includes a search box in each storage location and a search button on the inventory keyboard. This allows the user to search by name the inventory count they are ready to insert. Even if the item is not in the current storage location, On The Fly™ will direct the user to the correct storage location.

THE PROBLEM:  Users were not able to run the POS Sales Report with On The Fly™.

THE SOLUTION: The POS Sales Report, Consolidated Pmix, and Payroll report can now be run from the On The Fly™ Reports module. This can be done from the Report presets in RADAR in order to create custom Step 3 Options for mobile devices.

THE PROBLEM:  UUsers were not able to mark an invoice as reviewed from On The Fly™.

THE SOLUTION: The Accounts Payable module is now available within On The Fly™ to all AP clients. Invoices can also be marked as reviewed from a phone. Users can also post an invoice batch and use the “Ask a question” feature.

Thanks for your feedback!

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