On Your RADAR - Spring 2016 Newsletter

Apr 01 2016


ANNOUNCING: Invoice Imaging

The Invoice Imaging module allows you to quickly enter and image paper invoices using your mobile device, via On The Fly™. Accounting and other Home Office staff have immediate access to invoices through RADAR.

8 Simple Steps of Invoice Imaging 
  1. Paper invoice arrives at a restaurant location.
  2. Log into On The Fly™, using your mobile device.
  3. Select an existing batch or create a new batch to add invoice.
  4. Add the invoice to the batch – enter the vendor, invoice date, invoice number, and invoice amount.
  5. Take a picture or multiple pictures of your invoice using the camera button. Select the library button to upload an existing picture from your photo library.
  6. Click "Upload."
  7. Accounting or the Home Office will now be able to view the invoice in the Accounts Payable module in RADAR.
  8. Invoice details, such as GL Codes, VPI details, etc., can be filled in by the Home Office or Accounting. 

For more information reach out to [email protected]

Did you know that you can build your own reports in RADAR?

The Enterprise Report Designer gives you access to a cost-efficient and faster solution to custom reporting if you have knowledge of how to write T‐SQL statements and either the VB.NET programming language or the C# programming language. 
Once a report is built, you can easily publish it to RADAR so that your users can run it like any other RADAR report or export. 
Benefits of Enterprise Report Designer
  • Control over your own custom reporting needs
  • Publish reports back to users, just like any other RADAR report
  • Reduce cost for custom created reports
  • Recreate Excel spreadsheets
  • Decrease turn-around time
  • Build data exports to populate another tool or database for analysis by 3rd party programs, like Excel or SQL Server.

Client Spotlight

In Good Spirits - Success Story

"I ran a labor report, and clear as day there was evidence of missed punches. Not only for the bartender in question, but for a handful of other employees too. Turns out that by checking that report on Ctuit I saved over $1,500.00 in possible overpayments to staff."
           -Andrew Fritz, CEO & Partner For In Good Spirits

In Good Spirits is a Phoenix-based hospitality group that creates award-winning restaurant concepts through extraordinary service, exquisite cuisine, and innovative cocktails, giving diners a truly unforgettable hospitality experience. In Good Spirits particularly prides themselves on outstanding service, creating personalized experiences and building relationships with guests.

With Ctuit, In Good Spirits was able to improve systems, and save time and money. Managers spend less time in the office compiling data and have more time to spend on the floor, coach their teams, evolve operating systems and interact with guests. Simply put: less time in the office means managers spend more time out front creating personalized experiences and building relationships with guests.

Read more success stories.

Ctuit Software Emphasizes Customer Feedback and Learning in Annual User Conference

Ctuit Software’s 2016 User Conference brought together Ctuit Software experts and over 100 restaurant industry leaders in beautiful Napa, California for networking, learning, and fun. 

At this year’s conference in March 2016, Ctuit RADAR’s restaurant management software users learned and shared best practices, took a look at Ctuit's newest products and features, and interacted with a team of technical and business experts for the restaurant industry. Additionally users were able to share knowledge and tips with fellow Ctuit users and industry experts who are changing the restaurant business intelligence interface.  

This successful conference allowed users to provide feedback on these products as well as help shape the roadmap for future products and services so that Ctuit can continue to face the restaurant industry’s toughest challenges.

To see more images and posts from the conference view #CtuitUC2016. 

In the Community

Ctuit Team Members Volunteer as Bartenders for Fair Housing Fundraiser

Ctuit team members put their bartending experience to good use at Fair Housing of Marin's Taste of Marin Fundraising event. Fair Housing of Marin's mission is to ensure equal housing opportunity and to educate the community on the value of diversity in our neighborhoods.  

Looking Towards the Future: Ctuit donates to East Tech's Marketing & Hospitality Program

East Tech's Marketing & Hospitality Program brought 112 students to the annual Nevada DECA State Career Development Conference (SCDC) that was held February 21-23 at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Students competed in a variety of Hospitality, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship events and won an unprecedented 125 medals.

Service Spotlight

We began implementing CTUIT as a way to streamline information coming from our new project, the implementation of Blaze to our hospitality group.  
We began with the GL sales and AP modules. The implementation was seamless and a new way of gathering and perceiving data was born for our 125 year old company. We have added exports to our accounting systems and payroll processor as well as recipes and inventory. We have recently launched the benchmarking tool for our franchising unit and Invoice Imaging. Scheduling was also a simple integration that provide excellent analytics, actionable information and increasing the managers accountability while providing the tools to succeed.  
The people at CTUIT are truly unique in Client Services. A typical call to any client services is a painful and fruitless experience but at CTUIT it is like asking a friend for help and getting it. We have launched each product with professionalism and support. We have extended CTUIT throughout our organization because of its flexibility. We will need that flexibility as we add 80 units in the next few months with unique challenges.
As with all technology implementation there have been the expected hurdles but CTUIT has brought the challenge within reach and we look forward growing with CTUIT as their catalog of products increases.   
For 125 years Lessing's has valued partnerships with our purveyors and has required a symbiotic relationship in operations. CTUIT represents that to us and more.   
In looking for a IT solution to the restaurant industry CTUIT stands alone.  
All the best,  
Peter Lessing
Director of System Analytics | Lessing's Inc.

We Are Listening
Each month, we receive many feature requests from our clients. We take every request into consideration and work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some feature requests we have implemented this past quarter. 
RADAR Updates
THE PROBLEM: When the new “View by Employee” option was added in the Labor Scheduling module on the Builder page, the Sort By: options stayed the same and did not provide helpful selections when viewing by employee.

THE SOLUTION: We added new Sort By: options when the “View by Employee” display is selected, now there are two options specific to the view with the ability to sort by Employee Last Name or Employee First Name. 

THE PROBLEM: When the ability to upload and view files was added to Invoicing in the Accounts Payable module on the Invoice Details page, only image files were supported and not PDF files.

THE SOLUTION: We added the ability to upload, view, and download PDF files in addition to supported image files on the Invoice Details page utilizing the Invoice Files, Upload File option. 

THE PROBLEM: When Dining Options were added on the Event Menu Designer in the Event Management module, the options were available to all locations using the menus.

THE SOLUTION: We added the ability to designate “Allowed Locations” for Dining Options, allowing the option to designate one or more locations to have access as desired. 

THE PROBLEM: When running the Weekly Flash Store by Store Comparison report, the results were sorted by Location ID as a default with no way to alter the order of the report.

THE SOLUTION: We added a new Step 3 option Sort Order: that has the previous default option of Location ID, with the new addition of Location Name to produce an alphabetical sort.

Mobile Updates

THE PROBLEM: Paper invoices have to be saved and manually passed to management for entry into Ctuit Invoice Batches.

THE SOLUTION: On The Fly™ can now add an invoice to an Invoice Batch straight from a mobile device and attach an image to the invoice for management to reference in Radar when assigning GLCodes to items in the invoice. Images will be saved for 3 years on the Invoice.

THE PROBLEM:  While recording item inventory, it is often helpful to know the entered Par value for each items as you enter the value. This data point was unavailable in On The Fly™.

THE SOLUTION: The par value, if it is set and visible, will show while entering Inventory values with On The Fly™. The Price of each taking unit is also visible.

THE PROBLEM:  When building a labor schedule in RADAR or On The Fly™, the start and end times for a shift were required to be on a Quarter hour.

THE SOLUTION: We added a new Module Setting for Shift Intervals. The setting can be toggled to 5 or 15 which will allow shifts to be started on the fives. Both RADAR and On The Fly™ support this new setting.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

Compeat and Ctuit have combined to offer the most comprehensive and innovative all-in-one restaurant management software available for the restaurant industry. With over 34 years of industry experience, we are the largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators nationwide. Our product portfolio includes Hire, Labor Management and Compliance, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Recipes, Prep and Ordering, Logbook, Event Management, Intelligence, Manager and Employee Mobile Apps and third party integrations including over 70 Point of Sale partners. For more information, visit www.compeat.com and www.ctuit.com.