On Your RADAR - Fall 2016 Newsletter

Oct 13 2016


Are you in compliance with FDA nutrition reporting requirements?

Ctuit’s Nutrition module gives you that ability to track and map the nutritional details of inventory items and recipes from the most current USDA database as well as create custom nutrition information. 


Want more nutrition? Check out our blog post: FDA Calorie Count Requirement Date Is Almost Here. Are You Ready?

Save Time and Frustration with On The Fly™ version 3.0

Taking inventory on your mobile device just got easier with On The Fly™ version 3.0 now with search by text, voice, or barcodes to simplify restaurant inventory taking.

On_The_Fly.pngWith On The Fly™ version 3.0, users can now search for inventory items by text, voice, or barcodes when taking inventory from their mobile device, post inventory sessions directly from the device, and monitor changes.

Search Bar

This inventory search bar feature allows users to type in a name, which will filter the current storage location for items with that name. When viewing a storage location that doesn’t have a matching item, the search will look in other storage locations for items that match the name and provide links to jump to those items.

Voice Search

Depending on the device, and in some cases internet connection, users can search for inventory items by voice. With the search bar selected, users simply click the microphone and say the item name, then click Search or Submit.

Bar Code Scanners

Ctuit has also enabled barcode scanner support with the new search bar. In addition to typing in a name to search, users can scan a barcode to search. Not all items or storage locations will make sense to barcode, but barcodes can provide additional time saving in the areas where it can be used.

New Reports to put on your RADAR

The Reports module is RADAR’s primary reporting mechanism and contains over 190 business intelligence reports to give restaurants access to their critical data. Below are a few of the reports we have recently added to help your restaurant succeed!


Basket Analysis Report

The Basket Analysis report shows items that are commonly sold with a particular item. 

This report allows you to view check numbers and net/gross sales for menu items or item groups that are often purchased with another item.

Daily Schedule Preview Report

The Daily Simple Schedule report provides a complete roster of scheduled employees for a day, organized by job type.  It also provides a weather forecast, sales forecast, SDLW and SDLY information for a day, and a list of employees approaching overtime (OT).

This report is useful in keeping track of scheduled employees for a particular day, and for keeping track of other related information, such as employees who are close to having overtime. 

Punch Information without Rates or Wages

The Punch Information without Rates or Wages Report provides information associated with employees and their punches.

The report allows you to see records for employees related to punch in and out times. Users of this report can keep track of when employees are clocked in, and how long they are clocked in. 

For more information on Ctuit RADAR's Reporting Module reach out to client_services@ctuit.com.

Log into Ctuit Schedules with Google or Facebook! 


Ctuit Schedules users can now log in using Google or Facebook saving the hassle of remembering their username, password, and company code after initial setup! 

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“As MOOYAH became more focused on data, we found ourselves in need of a central reporting system.
CTUIT enabled us to couple this with technology that increased operational efficiencies at all locations.”
- Jessica Wescott, Director of Finance, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is an emerging leader of the “better burger” fast casual segment. The family-friendly menu features made-to-order hamburgers using 100-percent fresh American beef, fresh buns baked in-house, hand-cut French fries made from high quality Idaho potatoes, and handcrafted shakes made from real ice cream. MOOYAH ranked #1 in Fast Casual’s “2009 Top 100 Movers and Shakers” and has ranked on the list every year since. The MOOYAH Burger franchise has grown from humble Plano, Texas roots into a major player through quality products, impeccable guest service, and forward-thinking technology innovations like their fully integrated MOOYAH Rewards App. MOOYAH began franchising in 2007.

Business Challenges

With such rapid growth, MOOYAH needed visibility into POS data across multiple regions to help make well-informed business decisions quickly. It was also becoming increasingly important for existing and new locations to have access to a cloud-based reporting system to manage accounts payable, payroll, inventory and recipes.

The Solution

In January 2015, MOOYAH partnered with Ctuit in order to better manage food and labor costs through data analytics. By implementing the RADAR Business Intelligence solution, MOOYAH is now able to gain insight into real-time sales and performance metrics through a robust reporting website and mobile application.

Read more

In the Community 


One of our favorite places to volunteer is the local SF|Marin Food Bank because they rely on volunteers to sort and package all of the food that they distribute to food pantries, children’s snack programs and soup kitchens throughout Marin and SF.

Through donations and volunteers they are able to provide our communities with more than 107,000 meals each day! Learn more about the SF|Marin Food Bank here.

We Are Listening

Each month, we receive many feature requests from our clients. We take every request into consideration and work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some feature requests we have implemented this past quarter.


RADAR Updates

THE PROBLEM: In the Accounts Payable Module, when Vendor Purchase Items (VPI’s) are chained to Inventory Items (II’s) there can be a discrepancy that evolves over time when a Vendor provides a VPI with varied pack sizes/receive units (RU’s). When this occurs, it can produce a mismatch in the purchase size and the inventory size that may not be realized for a significant period of time.

THE SOLUTION: There is a new export “Receive Units without matching Taking Units” to assist in auditing and correcting the VPI to II unit sizes. The results will highlight II’s that may need additional RU’s in order to keep the Inventory values from being inflated/deflated.

THE PROBLEMIn Advanced Labor Scheduling, when reviewing schedules on the Builder page the results were limited to a view displaying the selected schedule with no options.

THE SOLUTIONWhen working with the Schedule Builder page and selecting to Review, there are now 3 options with the first being the previous default or “Just this Schedule.” The second option will provide a view of “All shifts for employees on this schedule,” and the third will show “All schedules at this location.”

THE PROBLEMIn the Payroll Validation Module, when altering a Rule Set the certification status of previous pay periods would be reset. 

THE SOLUTION: When altering Rule Set in the Payroll Validation Module there is now an effective date. Previous rules are deactivated and do not impact the application of rules on previous pay periods.

THE PROBLEM: In the Inventory Module, there are challenges around keeping the Inventory Item data clean due to movement in prices and by GL Code amounts. 

THE SOLUTION: To assist in auditing and keeping the data clean we have added 2 new core exports. The first is “Inventory High Price Variance” to validate II prices, and the second is “Inventory High GL Code Variance” to track the GL Code variances in value.


Mobile Updates

THE PROBLEM: Users were frustrated by the need to remember login information.  

THE SOLUTION: Now you can log in to Schedules without remembering your Username, Password and Company code after you have set up your account in the Settings section of the App.

THE PROBLEM:  Users needed to create multiple time off requests when submitting more than one day from Ctuit Schedules.

THE SOLUTION: Now you can enter a repeating time off request and select multiple days at the same time. 

Thanks for your input!

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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