Leverage Technology to Ensure Your Restaurant’s Compliance with the FDA Nutrition Reporting Requirements

Oct 19 2016

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Ctuit Software addresses FDA nutrition reporting requirements with the Nutrition Module, allowing users to track USDA nutritional details for their restaurant’s existing recipes and ingredients.


The FDA’s current labeling requirements include posting calories on menus and menu boards as well as providing other nutrient information in writing when operating in chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments. This directive is intended to help people make more informed dietary choices, since Americans eat and drink approximately one-third of their daily calories away from home.


Restaurateurs may feel the impact of this new law on many levels. The major concern is that calculating the calorie counts on every menu item will be costly and time consuming. Without technology to ease the burden, restaurants could see lower profits, which could lead to either lower employee wages, higher menu prices for their customers, or both.

Since launching in 2000, Ctuit continues to solve the restaurant industry’s most difficult challenges with their comprehensive restaurant management software. As the FDA developed nutrition requirements, Ctuit’s team of seasoned industry veterans responded with Ctuit’s Nutrition Module. Ctuit’s Nutrition Module links to the most current USDA database to give users the ability to track nutritional details of ingredients and recipes to ensure compliance.

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

Compeat and Ctuit have combined to offer the most comprehensive and innovative all-in-one restaurant management software available for the restaurant industry. With over 34 years of industry experience, we are the largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators nationwide. Our product portfolio includes Hire, Labor Management and Compliance, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Recipes, Prep and Ordering, Logbook, Event Management, Intelligence, Manager and Employee Mobile Apps and third party integrations including over 70 Point of Sale partners. For more information, visit www.compeat.com and www.ctuit.com.