In Good Spirits - Success Story

Mar 31 2016

Success Story

“Turns out that by checking that report on Ctuit I saved over $1,500.00 in possible overpayments to staff.”

- Andrew Fritz, CEO & Partner For In Good Spirits

In Good Spirits

In Good Spirits is a Phoenix-based hospitality group that creates award-winning restaurant concepts through extraordinary service, exquisite cuisine, and innovative cocktails, giving diners a truly unforgettable hospitality experience. In Good Spirits particularly prides themselves on outstanding service, creating personalized experiences and building relationships with guests.

Business Challenges

As In Good Spirits scaled up, they wanted to ensure that they had all of the data that they needed to be successful. With one location in Phoenix and another in Scottsdale, CEO & Partner, Andrew Fritz wanted to wake up each day and have the data for both locations at his fingertips.

The Solution

Ctuit offers a consolidated platform that is easy to access. In Good Spirits has less man power than larger restaurant groups, but Ctuit allows them to level the playing field through data and analytics that are clear and actionable.

The Results

Reporting: Ctuit reports that are sent to the management team are clear and easy to understand. With Ctuit’s drill down reporting, information is quick and easy to find. Finding a guest check through the search or drill down features takes moments where in the past it could take 25 minutes or more to find a specific check.

Labor: Within the first few weeks of implementing Ctuit RADAR, In Good Spirits noticed one of their bartenders had a large amount of overtime. Using the labor tools and reports to investigate, they were able to identify missed punches and realize an immediate cost savings.

"I ran a labor report, and clear as day there was evidence of missed punches. Not only for the bartender in question, but for a handful of other employees too. Turns out that by checking that report on Ctuit I saved over $1,500.00 in possible overpayments to staff." - Andrew Fritz, CEO & Partner For In Good Spirits

Manager Log: Previously, managers were responsible for creating daily sales figures by compiling data from Open Table, checkout sheets, sales reports and other sources to include in their daily log entry which was then manually emailed out. With Ctuit all of the data is automatically populated to the Manager Log, creating a consolidated tool for review. Furthermore, the Manager Log eliminates the security issues that were associated with potentially emailing sensitive materials to an incorrect recipient.

With Ctuit, In Good Spirits was able to improve systems, and save time and money. Managers spend less time in the office compiling data and have more time to spend on the floor, coach their teams, evolve operating systems and interact with guests. Simply put: less time in the office means managers spend more time out front creating personalized experiences and building relationships with guests.


Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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