Ctuit Software Announces New Prep & Ordering Module

May 11 2017

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Restaurants can take the guesswork out of ordering and make kitchen prep more effective with Ctuit’s new Prep & Ordering Module.


Restaurant Prep is a daily process of multiple steps. It encompasses determining how much product is on hand, understanding how much product is needed to get through service, and knowing how to prep the right amount of product with minimal excess. Accurate Prep contributes to successful service and reduces food waste, thereby reducing costs and increasing guest satisfaction. Unfortunately, many restaurants use the “gut instinct” method of prep, which can lead to unfavorable outcomes.

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Recognizing the need for accurate Prep in the restaurant industry, Ctuit Software has added to their system of robust restaurant management tools – upgrading their ‘Prep’ module to ‘Prep & Ordering.’ Prep increases kitchen efficiency by minimizing waste caused by over-prepping, while Suggested Ordering determines how much of a product you use on average to suggest how much you should order in the future.

This latest product joins the existing Cost of Goods Sold Modules to provide insight into both actual and theoretical food costs. With all of tools of the Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipes, and Prep & Ordering modules, restaurants can fully optimize costs while diminishing time spent calculating figures, and reducing costly errors.

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software is the creator of RADAR, a comprehensive restaurant management software that helps restaurants reduce food and labor costs while streamlining operations. This all-in-one software equips restauranteurs with powerful business intelligence and meaningful data to deliver success that you can see and taste.