Announcing: Ctuit Software’s On The Fly™ version 3.0

Jul 27 2016

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Taking inventory on your mobile device just got easier with On The Fly™ version 3.0 now with search by text, voice, or barcodes to simplify restaurant inventory taking.


Ctuit Software offers comprehensive restaurant management solutions to help restaurants reduce food and labor costs while streamlining operations.

Since launching in 2000, Ctuit continues to solve the restaurant industry’s most difficult challenges by actively listening to customer requests and responding to changing restaurant environments. One such customer requested enhancement was added in On The Fly™ version 3.0 - a search feature when entering restaurant inventory counts.


With On The Fly™ version 3.0, users can now search for inventory items by text, voice, or barcodes when taking inventory from their mobile device as well as post inventory sessions directly from the device and monitor changes.

Search Bar

This inventory search bar feature allows users to type in a name, which will filter the current storage location for items with that name. When viewing a storage location that doesn’t have a matching item, the search will look in other storage locations for items that match the name and provide links to jump to those items.

Voice Search

Depending on the device, and in some cases internet connection, users can search for inventory items by voice. With the search bar selected, users simply click the microphone and say the item name, then click Search or Submit.

Bar Code Scanners

Ctuit has also enabled barcode scanner support with the new search bar. In addition to typing in a name to search, users can scan a barcode to search. Not all items or storage locations will make sense to barcode, but barcodes can provide additional time saving in the areas where it can be used.

The new inventory search bar in On The Fly™ version 3.0 opens up many new inventory options. Users can type, speak, or scan to quickly search for inventory items. Ctuit’s goal with these new enhancements and features to inventory taking is to save restaurant operators time and frustration when taking inventory counts.

Ctuit has three products to help restaurants succeed: RADAR, On The Fly™, and Ctuit Schedules. RADAR streamlines restaurant activities and provides management teams with insight to financial and operational performance. On The Fly™ is a mobile app powered by RADAR that connects managers to vital restaurant data in real time. Ctuit Schedules allows employees to receive schedules, trade shifts, request time off, and send messages through any mobile device.

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Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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