A Slice of Art: Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria Success Story

Oct 12 2017

Restaurant Management Labor Scheduling Success Story Ctuit Schedules On The Fly™ Inventory

“...I have bought a lot of software, and working with Ctuit was by far the simplest and most fun I have had on an implementation."

-David Glass, Director of Finance and Technology, Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria


Based in Washington state, Brooklyn Brothers Pizza Parlor has been making old school, New York style pizza for over 10 years. Their family recipes and dedication to the art and heart of pizza making bring you flavors that are unmatched.

Business Challenges

Looking to grow to four restaurants in 2017, Brooklyn Bro’s Pizza knew they needed to better understand the foundation of the first restaurant’s success in order to replicate it in the new locations.  “For years, our data was limited to what the POS system provided,” states David Glass, Director of Finance and Technology.  “When we opened the second restaurant about four years ago, we decided we needed a business intelligence system to find out what numbers we needed to hit on key food and labor operating metrics in real time, in order to be able to scale it to additional locations.”

The Solution

“We met the Ctuit folks at Pizza Expo about three years ago, and what really drew us to the software is the fact that it is the brainchild of restaurant people,” states Glass.  “A number of our principals are accountants by trade, so we understand finances.  What we needed was visibility into the restaurant operation in financial terms, and that is where Ctuit stood far beyond anyone else that we considered.”

Brooklyn Bros Pizza primarily wanted to concentrate on reducing labor and food costs.  They have since implemented RADAR’s Inventory, Accounts Payable, General Ledger Sales, Labor Scheduling, and Intraday Polling modules, as well as the Ctuit Schedules and On The Fly mobile apps. 

The leadership team wanted to make it easy for the employees to find what they need to know to perform their job.  “Our managers use the On The Fly application on their phones to see where they compare in real-time against the performance metrics that have been set for their shift,” continues Glass.  “They also have widgets and alerts on their desktop that show red, yellow, or green for how their daily performance compares to the guidelines set as an organization.”

The Results

The group has been very pleased with the simplicity of the implementation, and the fact that the employees have needed little to no training to use the system.  The customer service received has also helped the investing principals better understand their operations. 

“The implementation, rollout and training were very fast and simple,” adds Glass.  “I have bought a lot of software, and working with Ctuit was by far the simplest and most fun I have had on an implementation.  The Ctuit employees feel like family to me – they are always thinking about my business.  The individuals that led the implementation are experts in their areas, and also former restaurant professionals. So not only are we learning about the software, but we are learning about the restaurant industry and how to run our business beyond anything that has to do with the software itself.”


Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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