On Your RADAR - Summer 2015 Newsletter

Jun 01 2015


Ctuit Has a New Look!

We've updated our website and logos with a fresh, contemporary look that underscores our modern approach to restaurant management. Core elements of the new brand include a new logo for Ctuit Software, as well as new logos for our three products, RADARCtuit Schedules, and On The Fly. In addition, the rebrand provides a fresh and modern approach for the website and mobile experiences.

The evolution of the Ctuit logo from 2000-2015.

Ctuit Schedules

Ctuit's new employee scheduling app,Ctuit Schedules, has been added to our Labor Scheduling offerings. It has been enthusiastically embraced by our customers and their employees.

Available now on WindowsiTunes and Google Play stores.

Waste Entry

We have added a new tool in our Inventory Module that now allows you to easily enter, track and manage waste.  Using the waste entry tool, you can now account for missing inventory when analyzing usages. Tracking types of waste can help you identify and improve problem areas and reduce waste altogether.  

New Clients

YEAH! BURGER creates "Food You Can Feel Good About" - food without harmful chemicals and heavy processing, food from farmers we know, and food that respects the environment and the humane treatment of animals. It's the same type of food that inspired our founder, Erik Maier, to start YEAH! BURGER. The name "YEAH! BURGER" is meant to convey a restaurant diners can be excited about because of its sustainable values and practices. Stop by if you are in Atlanta, GA.

Since the fire last winter of their restaurant, Twisted Tomato, owners and operators, Jason and Michelle Troll have focused on not only rebuilding the popular Twisted Tomato for a spring 2015 opening, but growing their company, The Revival Group. In addition to The Italian Table and Fleetwood Public House, March 2015 saw the addition of Pilgrim & Pearl and 27 to their fold.
As The Revival Group continues to expand, you can expect the best talents available will be found in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Client Service News

Meet the Team

You've been meeting some of the faces behind Ctuit Software on our Facebook page and we'd love to introduce you too!

Do you have a story to share? Send us a brief bio and image from your company or article about your company to [email protected] and we will post it on our social media.

Training Features

Ctuit's Training Video collection continues to grow! Maximize your investment by utilizing free training videos, webinars and documents to provide in-depth knowledge to your new and existing users. Ctuit continues to offer ongoing training through Training Webinars, Videos and Help Files accessible through the Training Tab in the upper left corner of your database.

Smooth preparations make for memorable celebrations! This Quarter, we are featuring the Event Management Webinar. Event Management coordinates and streamlines the tasks of managers and kitchen staff, as well as the elements of an event, across multiple locations to seamlessly produce private dinners, parties, and receptions big and small. Choose the Webinar date and time that works best for your schedule or watch the Video at your convenience. 

News and Events

Relay For Life

Almost all of us have been touched by cancer in some way, so we've decided to make a difference by raising money and walking in our local American Cancer Society Relay For Life event again in 2015. At the event, our team will take turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society in the world's largest movement to end cancer. Our team is taking action to help finish the fight. Follow our progress or make a donation here: Relay for Life.

In the Community

This year, Ctuit added a Volunteer Time Off and Donation Match Program for all of our full-time employees to give back to the community that we work, live and play in. Volunteering with schools, nonprofit organizations, foster children and public service projects such as clean up days are just a few examples of the types of projects that our team members are excited to participate in!

Habitat for Humanity

One of our Team Managers put his VTO time to good use building houses with Habitat for Humanity (right) through Volunteer Marin. Looking good!

Blog: 7 Restaurant Labor Scheduling Best Practices

Want some pro tips and tricks for labor scheduling? Check out Ctuit's latest blog post 7 Restaurant Labor Scheduling Best Practices

We Are Listening

Each month, we receive many feature requests from our clients. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some  feature requests we have implemented this past quarter.

The Problem: When editing recipes on the Recipe Details page in the Recipe Module, there was no warning or indication to save or lose changes when navigating away from the page.

The Solution: We added a check on the Recipe Details page that will notify a user that any changes must be saved prior to navigating to other pages or modules in RADAR.
The Problem: On the Labor Scheduling Roster Report, the established filter only displayed punches within a +/- 1 hour window and could not be altered.

The Solution: We added a Step 3 option for the Labor Scheduling Roster Report to enter an amount under "Match Shifts Within X Minutes:", with a default of 60 minutes and the ability to override with a larger or smaller window of time.
The Problem: In the Dashboard on the Manager Log Tasks widget, there was no ability to configure what type of tasks are displayed.

The Solution: Added the ability to Configure Advanced Settings on the Manager Log Tasks widget and set the type of tasks that populate the widget.
The Problem:  When new clients come onboard, setting up Inventory Items in the Inventory module is a cumbersome task when starting with an empty catalogue of items.

The Solution: A Copy Inventory Items option has been added to the Inventory Items in the Inventory Module so that an initial Master List can be provided and extended by new clients.
Thanks for your input!
Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

Compeat and Ctuit have combined to offer the most comprehensive and innovative all-in-one restaurant management software available for the restaurant industry. With over 34 years of industry experience, we are the largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators nationwide. Our product portfolio includes Hire, Labor Management and Compliance, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Recipes, Prep and Ordering, Logbook, Event Management, Intelligence, Manager and Employee Mobile Apps and third party integrations including over 70 Point of Sale partners. For more information, visit www.compeat.com and www.ctuit.com.