On Your RADAR - Spring 2015 Newsletter

Apr 01 2015


Announcing Ctuit Schedules

Ctuit Schedules, the much anticipated employee shift swapping, messaging and schedule delivery tool, is now available in app stores. Ctuit clients utilizing our Labor Scheduling module can add the employee portal, giving their staff the convenience of receiving the schedules on their smartphone.


Managers can build schedules, review staffing levels, make announcements, approve shift trades, and time off requests via either RADAR or our On The Fly™mobile app. Employees will have the ability to view schedules, trade shifts, request time off, and send messages.

OTF_shifts.pngPlease contact Client Services for pricing and assistance activating this module at (415) 884-4888 or email [email protected].

New Clients

Ctuit is proud to welcome the following new clients to our family:


Over 20 years ago, three young entrepreneurs with a passion for food and a desire to make customers happy, came together with a simple idea: serve fresh, high quality, eclectic California inspired food for busy Angelenos. They would cook for those too busy to cook. In 1990 the original Marmalade Cafe opened on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. The 1,400 square foot store with limited seating featured a full bakery and cases of fresh salads and entrees for diners on the go. Marmalade Cafe was an instant success and was quickly adopted by the community. Less than three years later, in response to an increasing number of appeals for a full dining experience at Marmalade Cafe, the founders opened the first full service Marmalade Cafe in Malibu. Marmalade Cafe has since grown to 7 full-service restaurants, the original fast-casual restaurant in Santa Monica and two licensed operations at LAX. Each design is unique to its community and represents a cozy neighborhood restaurant that has a dedicated following in each of the communities it serves.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Marmalade Cafe continues to evolve its menus offering seasonal selections that often earn a place on the permanent menu due to their popularity. Marmalade also offers a full liquor, beer, and wine selection in all of the full-service locations including select California wines, locally crafted beers, and hand-crafted cocktails. Marmalade specializes in group events and offsite catering to fit any party size or budget.

The original pizza was created in Naples, Italy over 200 years ago by bakers looking to feed the masses in a cost-effective and tasty manner. Using simple, readily available ingredients along with their own wood burning bread ovens, they changed our culinary world forever. Bakers took small pieces of dough, topped them with tomatoes grown on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, and sold them as a street snack. In 1889 cheese was added and pizza as we know it was born.


At 800 Degrees, we strive to honor the heritage of Old World Italian tradition, where the integrity of ingredients is paramount. California grown tomatoes, locally made fresh mozzarella, and handcrafted crust made with flour from the ancient Molino San Felice in Naples, Italy are complemented by only the best charcuterie and local vegetables. While we offer a few favorite combinations, feel free to personalize your pizza with your choice of ingredients. Your pizza will be baked and ready before you even leave the counter! Come in and create your masterpiece.

Client Spotlight


HopCat and BarFly Venture’s Aggressive Growth Plans Rely on Ctuit Software

As a retired Investment Manager, Mark Sellers opened the first HopCat in Michigan in 2007, wanting to enjoy great craft beers with his friends in his hometown. HopCat was envisioned, designed, stocked, and staffed with one mission in mind: To bring guests great beer made with care and pride, whether they are local beer or from across the globe. Since opening their first location, they have been on an unending quest to ensure that their beer selection is the best in the world. Currently, there are five HopCat locations with aggressive expansion plans in the Midwest. HopCat’s success led to the creation of BarFly Ventures as its parent company and the umbrella for additional concepts like Stella’s Lounge, McFadden’s and Grand Rapid’s Brewing Company. Stella’s Lounge, in Grand Rapids, MI, is a retro arcade and whiskey bar with award winning burgers. Grand Rapid’s Brewing Company is the first USDA-certified organic brewery in the Midwest. McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, a Grand Rapids staple, is the Irish bar with the best happy hour, music, and sports entertainment.

Business Challenges

With eight locations and aggressive expansion plans to open several new HopCat locations in the Midwest, HopCat and BarFly Ventures knew they needed to update their Payroll, Human Resources and Operations teams with a strong, reliable above-store Business Intelligence solution. The Payroll system was manual, with staff tediously exporting data from Aloha. Their Human Resources and the Operations teams set out to find the most robust solution that would help them simplify the payroll process and gain insight and control into their operations as they grew.

The Solution

In the spring of 2014, HopCat and BarFly Ventures chose Ctuit RADAR as their web-based Business Intelligence solution that would easily integrate into all of their POS, Human Resources and Payroll systems. Ctuit RADAR allows BarFly corporate office staff to access store-level data in an intuitive and easy manner.

The Results 

Increased productivity has saved them time and money, enabling them to focus on their growth instead of payroll processing. One member of the Payroll team often says, “If you ever get rid of Ctuit, I am leaving!” With over 700 employees, operators can track staff’s overtime and avoid problems before they grow.

Read more about BarFly’s success with Ctuit Software.

Client Services News

Meet the Team

You’ve been meeting some of the faces behind Ctuit Software on our  Facebook page and we’d love to introduce you too! Send us a brief bio and image from your company to [email protected] and we will share it on our page.

Training Features

Ctuit’s Training Video collection continues to grow! Maximize your investment by utilizing free training videos, webinars, and documents to provide in-depth knowledge to your new and existing users. Ctuit continues to offer ongoing training through Training Webinars, Videos, and Help Files accessible through the Training Tab in the upper left corner of your database.

This Quarter, we are featuring the User Manager & Privilege Groups Webinar. Choose the Webinar date and time that works best for your schedule or watch the Video at your convenience!

Payroll Validation

Last year Ctuit introduced the Payroll Validation module which is included with Ctuit RADAR’s base polling package. This highly configurable module allows for the customization of validation rules that will allow you to save time, money and ensure your current and historical labor numbers are correct. This year the Payroll Validation module will be obligatory to ensure that your managers are verifying the data to identify potential mistakes with employee pay checks before they’re processed!

For more information about Payroll Validation, you can attend the Payroll Validation Demo Webinar or watch the Video at any time from the Training Tab in your database.

Events and News

Ctuit Software just celebrated 15 Years in business and 5,000 Restaurant Locations. Thank you to our over 23,000 users who help us grow over 25% each year. With over 99% annual client retention rate, we look forward to the next 15+ years together.


Ctuit Software Releases On The Fly™ version 2.0 – The new release is here! This version of our popular app contains numerous features and enhancements that will allow you to manage your restaurant(s) anytime, anywhere straight from your mobile device. On The Fly™ v2.0 now supports push notifications, which allows floor managers to receive timely notification of large comp amounts, employees approaching overtime, sales activity levels, and more.


Black Bear Diner Relies on Ctuit Software for Centralized Communication in the Cloud. Centralized Reporting helps Black Bear Diner analyze data quickly and accurately. Read more about Black Bear Diner’s success.


Our sold-out and highly anticipated Annual User Conference brought 50+ clients to San Francisco from around the country. We shared best practices, took a look at Ctuit’s newest products, and had a great time networking together. We hope you can join us next year.




In the Community

This year, Ctuit has added a Volunteer Time Off and Donation Match Program for all of our full-time employees to give back to the community that we work, live and play in. Volunteering with schools, nonprofit organizations, foster children, and public service projects such as clean up days are just a few examples of the types of projects that our team members are excited to participate in!

We Are Listening

Each month, we receive dozens of feature requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some recent feature requests we have implemented.

THE PROBLEM: The Recipe module was fully dependent on having the Inventory module active in the system in order to use it.

THE SOLUTION: The Recipe module has now been split off from the Inventory module and RADAR will now allow using Recipes without Inventory activated.

THE PROBLEM: In the Labor Scheduling module, the Builder page did not allow a review prior to posting the schedule.

THE SOLUTION: In the Labor Scheduling module when using the Builder page, there is now a Review button inside the Schedule Details window that allows a user to review a schedule before posting it.

THE PROBLEM: Chart notes that exist in RADAR to highlight items that impact peaks and valleys on charts were only an option to be created inside the Charts module.

THE SOLUTION: In the Manager Log module, the entries for Logs and Tasks can now be tagged as a “Chart Note”. When the entries are tagged the body of the entry will show up as a note on the available charts in RADAR.

THE PROBLEM: In the Inventory module, when recipes were being transferred, they were not being broken down into their basic ingredients.

THE SOLUTION: In the Inventory module settings a new option has been added “Break Down Prep Recipes into Basic Ingredients when Accepting Transfers” that will allow a user to toggle this option on or off.

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

Compeat and Ctuit have combined to offer the most comprehensive and innovative all-in-one restaurant management software available for the restaurant industry. With over 34 years of industry experience, we are the largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators nationwide. Our product portfolio includes Hire, Labor Management and Compliance, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Recipes, Prep and Ordering, Logbook, Event Management, Intelligence, Manager and Employee Mobile Apps and third party integrations including over 70 Point of Sale partners. For more information, visit www.compeat.com and www.ctuit.com.