Ctuit Software Releases On The Fly™  Version 2.0

Mar 24 2015

Company News On The Fly™

Restaurant Management Mobile App To Help You Manage Your Restaurant On The Fly

We are proud to announce the release of On The Fly™ v2.0. This version of the popular mobile restaurant management app contains numerous features and enhancements that will allow users to manage the needs of their restaurant(s) anytime, anywhere straight from their mobile device.


On The Fly™ v2.0 now supports push notifications when intraday polling activity triggers a variety of configurable alerts. This combination allows floor managers to receive nearly real-time notifications regarding large comp amounts, employees approaching overtime, sales activity levels, and more.

On The Fly™ v2.0 also allows users to set a default module to which the application will open when a user launches the app. This can be beneficial to users to who are constantly checking in on a single module for particular information. Additionally, a new Dashboard configuration screen has been added to allow users to customize dashboard settings and the tiles displayed.

For companies that utilize Ctuit RADAR’s Advanced Labor Scheduling module, minor tweaks, bug fixes, and additional support has been added to make schedule management more intuitive and seamless. Specifically, un-posted schedules can now be modified in the Schedules module.

Ctuit is committed to the continuous development of this popular restaurant management mobile app product. Ctuit relies on client feedback, internal development, and rigorous testing to make sure On The Fly™ enhances and improves the management of over 5,000 restaurants.

Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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