Fat’s Restaurants - Success Story

Mar 16 2015

Success Story

”The sophistication of Ctuit’s RADAR technology has made a positive impact at Fat’s Restaurants. With reports and trends generated from RADAR, our executive team can use that information to guide overall business strategy and decision-making.”

– Collin Fat, Vice President and Director of Operations


Business Challenges

Historically, Fat’s Restaurants used simple spreadsheets to track labor and sales for all of its sites. Sales and labor information were pulled from its Micros POS system and entered manually which was time consuming, prone to errors and contained older data. Store managers had limited access to current fi nancials from accounting and could not maximize decision-making around business operations. If the store manager had not manually entered information into the system from the previous day or week, site reports were not guaranteed to have the most current data for executives to review. Fat’s Restaurants required a solution to ensure that executives and management teams had access to the most up-to-date sales and labor information from all of its locations. With this information, management could make timely fact-based decisions to drive the overall business.

The Solution

Fat’s Restaurants implemented Ctuit RADAR web-based solution and now, can easily download sales and labor information automatically from its sites. As a complete above-store, BI, analytical and financial reporting tool, RADAR gives the entire management team deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and operational issues.

With an easy-to-use, graphical interface, management was able to dive into the operational details of the business. Accessing RADAR over the internet enables the team to keep abreast of the day-to-day sales and trends remotely.

The company uses several of the RADAR optional modules including: GL Sales for financial & accounting analysis as well as Accounts Payable which manages the invoices and vendor payments. Management uses RADAR to gain insight into critical back-of-house data and to easily process payroll information. The added value of Ctuit’s Labor compliance module provides peace of mind to management around the tedious and complex California labor laws.

The Results

  • Before RADAR, staff compliance tracking was a manual process often taking hours to complete. Implementing RADAR’s Labor Law and Break Compliance module ensured the restaurant complied with California’s complicated staffing laws including occurrence of meal breaks and when overtime and double time are introduced. By automatically monitoring compliance issues with RADAR, the payroll processing time has been reduced by 70%.
  • With RADAR, payroll and vendor information is readily available to be processed. RADAR double checks for duplicate postings which has made the restaurant more efficient in processing accounts payable.
  • Managers have had a positive response to RADAR. They have found that the various reports such as daily sales tracking, labor costs and sales to budget have provided an extremely valuable management tool and trending invaluable. Managers are able to easily drill down into a guest check if they need more details. Having this insight gives them the ability to make better strategic decisions.
  • RADAR enables executives to track the restaurant business anytime and anywhere in the world. With an internet connection and RADAR login, they have access into the entire business.
  • Using the Manager Log in RADAR, managers are able to track and share the human element to correspond with all the financial data. This web-based version of a traditional restaurant manager’s log allows management to communicate and respond in a timely manner to daily operations of the business.

Fat’s Restaurants owns and operates five restaurants in the Sacramento area and also in San Diego, California. It is the oldest restaurant company in Sacramento with 350 employees. Founded by the late Frank Fat in 1939, the restaurant that bears his name is the oldest restaurant in the same location and operated by the same family in the Sacramento region.


Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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