Kerbey Lane Cafe - Success Story

Dec 09 2013

Success Story

“Being compatible with just about any POS System and Accounting Software is amazing.”

– Michael Jackson, VP of IT


Business Challenges

Dialing into Aloha to make specific store-by-store requests was time consuming and made it hard to reveal trends and variances. Specifically, Kerbey Lane Cafe needed a payroll report with very unique tip-share arrangements (with directly and indirectly tipped employees) and credit card tip withholding specifics. This report was impossible for Aloha to directly process into a payroll export. They looked at many Business Intelligence solutions that would provide them with this very elaborate payroll report, as well as detailed labor and sales reporting.

The Solution

Kerbey Lane Cafe’s due diligence led them to choose Ctuit RADAR as their web-based Business Intelligence solution that could make a custom report for this very unusual payroll situation. In addition, Ctuit RADAR provides Kerbey Lane Cafe with consolidated reporting that saves them time and money every day.

The Results

  • Upon implementing Ctuit RADAR, Kerbey Lane Cafe saved over 5 days per month analyzing and inputting data for payroll purposes. The payroll task became infinitely smoother and easier with this new, custom report they asked Ctuit to create.
  • Using the forecasting tool, Kerbey Lane Cafe is able to better manage labor at all levels of management and restaurant staff.
  • The period-long labor comparison report is crucial for identifying trends. The scheduling tool in use was tedious and didn’t give them the information they needed. Ctuit was helpful to evaluate the sales and labor trends, especially as a quick glance at a graph.
  • “If you need any information about sales or labor, you can find it. If you can’t find it, it can be custom-made in no time at all,” states Mason Ayer, CEO at Kerby Lane Cafe.
  • Centralizing their data in one place has helped Kerbey Lane Cafe combine data, pull various sales reports, and save significant time by allowing them to reassign critical time to more meaningful and profitable tasks. “The software has paid for itself again and again,” he further states.
  • “Being compatible with just about any POS System and Accounting Software is amazing,” states Michael Jackson, VP of IT of Kerbey Lane Cafe.
  • “Whoever designed Ctuit understands that we need to keep the data simple and need detailed reporting that can accommodate just about anybody,” states Mason Ayer, CEO at Kerbey Lane Cafe. He goes on to say, “Ctuit has been a tremendous asset to our growing business and we will rely on their technology and services for many years to come.”

Kerbey Lane Cafe has proudly served comfortable food at reasonable prices to the Austin community since 1980. They make it their mission to bring you the freshest ingredients and all natural meats. With five locations in Austin all open 24-hours/day with retail goods, their casual philosophy (delicious food served by high-quality “real” people) has kept them busy for over thirty years. Giving back to a community is very important to the staff at Kerbey Lane Cafe. Through small charitable donations and large company wide donation drives, they are continuously giving back to the Austin community. Kerbey Lane Cafe has plans to expand throughout Texas.


Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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