Prep Sheets Added to Ctuit’s Comprehensive Suite of Optional Modules

Nov 29 2012

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Ctuit Software, the leader in business intelligence software for restaurants, today announced their newest module, Prep Sheets. RADAR’s Prep Sheets module automatically generates a list of all the food items needed by taking into account existing food inventory and comparing what will be required to supply that day’s forecasted sales. In addition to listing all the preparation items, Prep Sheets also leverages the Recipes module in order to generate “pull sheets” containing all the raw ingredients. This allows kitchen managers to assign prep tasks to the appropriate staff.

In addition, the Prep Sheets algorithms prevent waste by eliminating over-prepping. Several reports are offered to the participating restaurants, including weekly prep usage, a weekly prep sheet and a prep usage vs. sold report.

Ctuit RADAR provides a complete above-store and analytical reporting tool that gives restaurant managers, owners, and operators deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and manage operations. Other optional modules include GL sales (a financial module with integrations into the clients accounting solution), Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipes, Event Management, Labor Scheduling, Payroll Exports and Special Pay (labor laws monitoring).

With a comprehensive integrated suite of highly configurable modules that provide operational insight and control, Ctuit RADAR makes operations more consistent and profitable. Ctuit RADAR’s optional, easy-to-use modules integrate key data from sales, labor, and accounting systems and allow for further insight into specific areas of the business.

“Ctuit offers a central place to keep tighter control on all operational costs,“ states Rob D’Ambrosia, President and CEO of Ctuit. He continues, “Prep Sheets will help automate prep by eliminating the guesswork and making revisions to minimize mistakes.”

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