Patxi’s Pizza - Success Story

Nov 19 2012

Success Story

“Ctuit’s customer service and technology teams are so flexible and always willing to create custom reports if we need them. When we ask for things, they really do listen, act and respond effectively.”

- Rick Graves, Director of Operations


Business Challenges

Prior to using Ctuit, Patxi’s struggled with understanding their sales, labor and food costs on a daily basis. Logging in to each Micros portal was not only timely and inefficient, but it ran the risk of accidentally shutting down the computer. Without being on site, the information flow to Accounting was cumbersome and much of their software did not integrate, causing manual data entry and additional staff. Growing the concept and expanding required a seamless, immediate, and portable solution.

The Solution

Patxi’s chose Ctuit as their cost-effective, web-based solution that they could access anywhere and anytime. Managers, General Managers, Area Directors, Marketing, the Controller, Accounts Payable, and the Owner all use Ctuit on a regular basis. Ctuit RADAR provides Patxi’s better and more efficient communication with the Managers in all seven locations.

Integrating with Micros was also a priority for Patxi’s. “Ctuit’s selling point for me was their seamless integration with Micros,” states Rick Graves, Director of Operations.

The Results

Using Ctuit has enabled Patxi’s to become more efficient by always knowing their P&L’s and where they stand within the company. By using Ctuit to manage and track sales, inventory and labor, Patxi’s has realized a 15% increase in sales year-over-year. Patxi’s profitability to sales ratio is also up substantially due to increased average check sizes. In addition, the chain’s three (3) point decrease in food cost was met with Ctuit RADAR by working more efficiently with vendors and shedding items that were not cost effective. The trend report helps management determine which menus items need to be eliminated and make timelier, validated decisions.

Labor has been another area of significant savings. After deep analysis, Patxi’s revised their labor planning to allow for the right number of people to take care of their guests. Two FTE’s were needed to manage their old accounting software; however, with Ctuit, Patxis is able to reduce headcount by not manually entering payroll.

“Ctuit is constantly improving the site, generating new reports and new modules,” said Graves. He concluded, “Ctuit’s customer service and technology teams are so flexible and always willing to create custom reports if we need them. When we ask for things, they really do listen, act, and respond effectively,” Graves went on to say.

Patxi’s (PAH-cheese) Chicago-style stuffed pizza opened in Palo Alto eight years ago and has since expanded to 7 locations, with 4 more coming in the next year. Patxi’s menu has two styles — Chicago “stuffed,” and a Northern Italian “00” crust and over 30 choices of toppings. Some toppings include Zoe’s meats, spinach, mushrooms, chicken, and olives. Patxi’s is committed to their guests and are always striving to improve their operations. Delivered to your door or enjoyed in one of their casual dining rooms, you and your family will enjoy superior products and service.


Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software

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