Ctuit Client Services: Lessons Learned While In The Service Industry

Dec 05 2017

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A while back, we surveyed our client services team here at Ctuit on their past experiences in the restaurant industry. In addition to asking the team “what do you feel makes good customer service”, we asked them to tell us an important life lesson that they had learned from being the restaurant/ hospitality industry.

Of course, amongst the answers listed were the typical lessons that any restaurant industry employee experiences, such as having patience and manners in life. However, there are many more surprising life lessons that working in the restaurant industry can teach you.

Lessons Learned.png

Here are a few that help highlight the positive impact that experience working in the restaurant industry can have on all aspects of one’s life.

  • “You Can’t Please Everyone. In the end, it’s the effort that you want to be noticed.”
  • “That the human experience is the thread that ties; you can always find a way to connect with anyone by it.”
  • “You can make it through anything if you just keep going. You are much stronger than you think.”
  • “You never know what others are going through. Don't allow others to influence your own happiness, and appreciate every day.”
  • “Everyone is different, from staff to guest to management. Sometimes it takes more effort to connect with someone. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you may not connect with them. Don’t let it bring you down.”
  • “The ability to listen to people will carry you a long way, and earn you respect”
  • “Be frank – honesty is what will be mostly appreciated by anyone.”
  • “Don’t let angry, mean people ruin your day. Find your own happiness.”
  • “Be Yourself.”
  • “No matter how busy or difficult a moment in time may be, it is exactly that – a moment. So, it is important to keep in mind, this too shall pass, persevere through other moments. Those moments are just challenges that help you grow.”
  • “No one job is more important than the other.”
  • “Never take things too personally. Some things are just not worth dwelling on.”

What are some life lessons that you or your employees have learned, or that you witnessed?


Amanda Wilkening

Amanda Wilkening

Amanda has over 10 years of restaurant experience ranging from Hosting, Serving, FOH Training to bookkeeping. In 2015, Amanda joined the client services department at Ctuit where she trained new clients on RADAR and assisted restaurant management and executives in their day to day reporting and operational endeavors. More recently, Amanda joined the Ctuit marketing team where she is happily applying her marketing degree and knowledge from Sonoma State University.