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Jeremiah Anzelc

Jeremiah Anzelc
Jeremiah is a former chef and restaurant manager. He has been a valuable member of Ctuit’s Client Services department since 2011 as a restaurant industry adviser with an emphasis on implementing cost of goods sold practices to ensure efficiency and profitability.

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4 Benefits of Suggested Ordering

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Inventory

Apr 21

Suggested Ordering is a tool that combines data from AP, Inventory, and Recipes to determine recommended ordering quantities. An On Hand amount is calculated, then that amount is subtracted from either a static or dynamic Par value, and compared...

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5 Reasons Why Prep Sheets Are Useful

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Management, Reduce Food and Beverage Costs, Inventory

Mar 07

Restaurant Prep is a daily process. It encompasses determining how much product is on hand, understanding how much product is needed to get through service, and knowing how to prep the right amount of product.  By removing the need to do all of...

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Inventory and Save Time

Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory

Jan 10

There’s a balance between speed and accuracy when taking inventory. With the limited amount of time between close of business and opening the next day, coming up with the most efficient way to take inventory will maximize your results. Here are...

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Are spreadsheets enough for COGS tracking?

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Technology, Restaurant Management

Sep 08

Restaurants use spreadsheets for at least some function of cost of goods control. Spreadsheets can be utilized in areas ranging from purchasing to inventory to recipe costing. At some point, it may be time for a more advanced solution.

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5 Ways to Reduce Information Overload When Setting up A Cost of Goods Sold System

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Management

Jul 11

In this age of information, there is an unlimited amount of available data. Setting up a Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) system, can be both a blessing and a curse. With COGS being one of the largest expenses in the restaurant, tracking costs is of the...

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