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Jennifer Day

Jennifer Day
Jennifer Day has over 16 years of experience in the marketing and communications field. Before joining the Ctuit marketing team, Jennifer previously worked at a major telecom company and was in marketing communications for a major point of sales (POS) manufacturer and software provider. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge on POS technologies, software and back office systems and the understanding of how they all work together to create a seamless customer experience while increasing profitability.

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How to Keep Inventory Control Under Control

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Inventory

Aug 10

Inventory control is extremely important to a restaurant’s profitability.  Knowing your inventory and understanding how it moves can improve how you order product, reduce waste, and help deter theft.

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Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Optimize Labor, Labor Scheduling

Jul 27

Summer is here.  If your restaurant is located near a large city or tourist area, you may be enjoying a boost in sales.  Knowing that these crowds are temporary, you may find that seasonal help is just what you need to get you through this...

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The Importance of Networking with Fellow Industry Professionals

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

May 31

The life of a restauranteur is busy.  Very busy.  Probably so busy that the last thing you want to do is stand on your feet for hours on your day off, talking to other restaurant people.  But networking is vital to your restaurant career. 

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Getting Started: Networking in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

May 23

Social networking is great, but it is still important to get out and have some face time with other professionals in your field. After reading about how important it is to network with other restaurant professionals, try to get yourself out there...

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Are You Dealing with Burnout?

Restaurant Management, Server Performance, Restaurant Career

May 03

To most, the service industry is a lifestyle, rather than a job.  You probably chose this path because you are not the type to be tied to a desk for 8 hours a day.  You enjoy the constant movement and buzzing of the restaurant. 

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How to Shop Your Competition

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Apr 13

Knowing your competition and what they offer is just good business.  However, “shopping” the competition is not necessarily about copying them.  While it is said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” this is not necessarily true...

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The Hidden Consequences of Under or Over Staffing

Restaurant Management, Optimize Labor, Labor Scheduling

Mar 31

A well-rounded employee schedule is key to maintaining the right balance of customer satisfaction, employee morale and profitability.  This can be tougher than it sounds, however.  Whether you find yourself continually over staffing or under...

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Don’t Get Pinched This St. Patrick’s Day!

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Mar 14

It’s March - time for St. Paddy’s Day festivities to begin!  And there is nothing more popular on the rowdiest of holidays than for people to go out and celebrate with others.  You do not want to miss out on this huge opportunity to get people in...

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Let The March Madness Begin

Increase Sales and Drive Profits, Restaurant Management, Business Expansion

Mar 01

March Madness is right around the corner!  With some of the biggest games approaching, most restaurants and bars are competing for the crowds.  Proactively working to get customers in your door and then having your own game plan for success while...

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Tips On How to get the Local Feel at your Chain Restaurant

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management

Feb 01

Chain restaurants are here to stay.  They provide a sense of familiarity and consistency that people find comforting.  You know what to expect when it comes to the menu choices, portion sizes, services, and other familiar features. But even with...

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