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Amanda Wilkening

Amanda Wilkening
Amanda has over 10 years of restaurant experience ranging from Serving, FOH Training to bookkeeping. More recently, Amanda was a member of the client services department at Ctuit where she trained new clients on RADAR and assisted restaurant management and executives in their day to day reporting and operational questions.

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What Makes Good Customer Service?

Starting a Restaurant, Guest Satisfaction, Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Sep 26

Every person has a slightly different opinion on what good customer service consists of. There are so many aspects that go into providing good customer service, that it is ultimately an impossible term to define.  

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Are These Side Work Chores Getting Missed in Your Restaurant?

Starting a Restaurant, Guest Satisfaction, Staff Training, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Server Performance

Aug 23

Side work. It’s the least favorite part of your employee’s jobs at the end of their shifts. No one wants to fold napkins or fill salad dressings after they have served people for the last 4 hours. But side work keeps your restaurant clean, and...

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A Note for Managers: Lead by Example

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Restaurant Career

Aug 16

There’s no doubt that managing a restaurant is stressful. Ultimately, managers are responsible for all aspects of an evolving door of operations. While this is occurring, one of the biggest responsibilities that gets overlooked is for managers to...

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3 Ingredients for Prolonged Success in the Restaurant Industry

Starting a Restaurant, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Jun 28

The restaurant industry is vastly competitive. No matter the size, popularity or concept of a restaurant, there are competitors all around. These days, many restaurants fail to stay afloat amongst the new trends and marketing concepts.

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How to Reconcile a Bad Guest Experience

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business, Customer Loyalty, Customer Reviews

Jun 14

No matter the service, whether it be for your car, beauty routines, repairs, or dining out, there is always the potential for poor service experiences. Everyone loathes bad service. It not only ruins your experience, but often imbeds a negative...

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3 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

Restaurant Management, Manage Your Business

Apr 25

It’s not news that employee turnover in the restaurant industry is high. Much of the time, this can be contributed to factors like ages of the staff, the fact that lots of restaurant employees tend to be teens and millennials going through...

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4 Best Practices for Building Your Employee Schedules

Restaurant Management, Labor Scheduling

Mar 22

Let’s face it, one of the biggest pains in the neck for management – no matter the size, style or location of the restaurant – is creating and maintaining employee schedules. Scheduling is normally a dreaded task on the to-do list, and whether...

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What Do Minimum Wage Increases Mean for Your Restaurant?

Labor Compliance, Minimum Wage

Feb 08

 In addition to celebrating the New Year, Massachusettsan workers can now enjoy a boost in their paychecks. As of January 1st, 2017, Massachusetts minimum wage has been raised from $10 per hour to $11 an hour. 

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The New Era of Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Manage Your Business, Social Media, Marketing

Jan 26

Remember the days when your restaurant gained its popularity and business by word of mouth or local advertising? Nowadays, the old-school types of marketing that restaurant owners relied on for decades are no longer enough to keep up with...

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Employee Meals: What System Works Best for You?

Restaurant Management, Server Performance, Employee Meals

Dec 20

Employees in the restaurant industry do not typically have the normal nine to five work day. Instead, they typically work through the peak breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. Not only that – restaurant employees are constantly on their feet,...

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