5 Simple Steps to Deter Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

Apr 06 2017

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Unfortunately, in the restaurant industry where there is access to food, liquor and cash, there is often room for fraud. If left unchecked, this can have a detrimental effect on your business. There are many ways that employees can utilize this to their advantage to take product or money from your restaurant. However, there are also a few simple best practices that you can use to monitor your business and deter theft in your restaurant.

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The best thing you can do to deter employee theft is to have a trustworthy manager on the floor, monitoring the day to day activities. The more the manager is on the floor and involved in service and inventory, the less likely you are to experience theft. You can also institute some simple procedural policies that can make a measurable impact to your bottom line.

  1. Lock down your POS. Don’t allow employees to transfer checks, or to apply comps, promos, or voids without manager assistance. Culpability for items rung in decreases the likelihood of comp, void, and promo abuse.
  2. Provide manager POS cards. Rather than allowing managers to login to the POS using a pin number, require an identification card for login so that employees can’t simply memorize the manager number and avoid asking for assistance. Furthermore, ensure that all manager cards are assigned and utilized correctly.
  3. Define timeframes. Institute a policy of applying comps, promos and voids to the check before the guests close out, rather than splitting the items off to comp later. Don’t allow employees to save all of their comps, voids and promos until the end of the night, when there is no longer a way for them to prove that Table 31 sent back their chicken salad.
  4. Create individual accountability. Hold each employee responsible for their POS activity by having individual logins, rather than generic logins such as “BAR,” “TOGO,” or “CASHIER.”
  5. No ticket, no service. Have a floor manager spot-check tables and the bar throughout the shift, to ensure that all self-service items are rung in before going out to tables. Similarly, never allow items to leave the bar or kitchen without the item being rung in through the POS.

Need more tips on deterring theft in your restaurant? Check out Ctuit’s free downloadable Guide to Fraud Management.

Megan McIntyre

Megan McIntyre

Megan has been with Ctuit since May 2011. She has a broad range of expertise in the hospitality industry with over 15 years of experience involving customer service, COGS, client relations, event coordination, marketing and promotions. Megan holds her MBA in Sustainable Business Enterprises from Dominican University of California.