5 Reasons Why Prep Sheets Are Useful

Mar 07 2017

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Restaurant Prep is a daily process. It encompasses determining how much product is on hand, understanding how much product is needed to get through service, and knowing how to prep the right amount of product.  By removing the need to do all of these calculations manually, a Prep Sheets system can help minimize time spent on daily prep.


1. Control Determination of What’s on Hand – Prep items can be added to established inventory storage locations, and prep inventory is generally taken like regular inventory is taken. This gives you a foundation to know what you’ve got on hand for the day.

2. Control Over/Under Prepping – Determining how much to prep for a day can be tricky. Prep Sheets calculates an average of the past usage of items for a given day of the week. It can then look to forecasted sales for that day, and calculate how much product is needed. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, like poor weather or a large catering order (or simply if an adjustment is needed), Prep Sheets supports manual adjustments of sales and items to be prepped.

3. Improve Assignment of Prep Duties – Prep Sheet Templates can help determine who preps what for a given day. Templates can be set up with groupings of items to be prepped, like salad station, grill station, pizza station, etc. The Prep Sheet can then reflect what needs to be prepped by each group, allowing the prep cook for that station to know what needs to be prepared that day.

4. Improve Variance Between Theo vs Actual – While Recipes will get you theoretical data, Prep Sheets adds another layer of quality control. Prep Sheets makes static recipes dynamic, changing the quantities to account for how much will be needed for that day. This reduces the amount of time spent doing these calculations manually, increasing accuracy of recipe execution, and getting actual values closer to theoretical values.

5. Reduce Time Spent Executing Prep Items – Once the amounts needed to prep have been determined, Prep Sheets can help reduce time spent on execution. For example, there is a grocery list option that will list all the raw product inventory items needed to create the prep items. If eggs are used in five different prep items, eggs will be listed only once, in a large enough quantity to prep all the items. The prep list can also be set to include the procedures for the prep items. This gives the cooks an ‘all in one’ document to refer to for prep execution.

With all the variables in play when prepping for a given day, accurate and consistent prep requires time to execute. Prep Sheets can help standardize some of these processes to make prep faster, cleaner, and generally more efficient.

Jeremiah Anzelc

Jeremiah Anzelc

Jeremiah is a former chef and restaurant manager. He has been a valuable member of Ctuit’s Client Services department since 2011 as a restaurant industry adviser with an emphasis on implementing cost of goods sold practices to ensure efficiency and profitability.