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Sep 29 2015

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What are POS systems?

Fundamentally, a Point of Sale system (commonly referred to as a POS system) is a data collection technology tool. A Point of Sale is a computerized cash register that provides controls and analytics that a standard cash register can’t.


What are the benefits of a POS System?

Reduces theft
A point of sale system allows for control and analytics and ensures that all things are being billed correctly. Handwritten checks are easily lost or misrepresented, while POS systems allow for immediate insight and transparency.

Streamline operations
With handwritten checks, chefs have to be skilled not only in culinary arts, but also cryptography. POS systems make communication clear, timely, and effective by printing easy-to-read tickets to each prep station. Without a POS system, restaurants have to reconcile individual checks by hand at the end of the night. The POS system will do this for you saving both time and error.

Data analytics
One of the most valuable things that a POS system can provide is data for analytics. The POS will provide lots of data for easy analysis. For example, imagine doing a server pmix analysis by hand on a spreadsheet, compared to the ease of accessing the data from the POS system.

How do I choose a POS system?

There are many different styles and types of POS systems, from tecfsd300 to touch screen cloud-based handheld devices. Determine what functionality you need, what the most reliable POS system is that has your required functionality, and what their reputation is for support.

There are many restaurants that use the most antiquated non-touch technologies and their servers are just as fast as those with the latest technology. Unless there is a particular feature that you need, like house accounts, future orders, etc., most POS systems will offer the same basic functionality. If your restaurant reviews pmix by order mode, requires surcharges, or any other specific functionality, be sure to select a POS system that can accommodate these needs.

As everyone who has tried to reboot a crashed POS system during the Friday dinner rush knows, it is important to have a reliable POS system. With the upsurge in mobile technology, there are many new POS systems in the market. While the latest and greatest technology may seem shiny and sleek, being an early adopter of the latest POS technology may not be the best for your restaurant if the kinks are still being worked out.

When choosing a POS, the primary consideration should be their reputation for support. If your POS does crash during Friday’s dinner service, is there someone out there to help you fix it? Feel good about your support contract when making a selection. When things are working smoothly, it may feel like you are paying for support that you don’t need, but if things aren’t working you need that steadfast support.

Choosing a system that is right for your business can feel daunting. When in doubt, ask your local management team or other local restaurants what their experiences and preferences for support are.

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Megan McIntyre

Megan McIntyre

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