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Slow Seasons: How to Take Advantage of The Down Time

Restaurant Management

Dec 01

The Holiday season is upon us! As consumers are considerately more active during the holidays, this can have an adverse effect on the restaurant industry. While some restaurants experience heavy traffic during this time, others receive a...

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Building a Healthier Society: 3 Benefits to Nutrition Labeling

Restaurant Management, Nutrition

Nov 18

Over the last 5 years, health and nutrition has skyrocketed as an ever-growing, ever-welcome trend in the U.S. More than ever, sugar fee, sodium free, fat free, and gluten free are all widely sought after items in grocery markets. As consumers are...

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6 Steps to Streamline Your Restaurant Accounting

Restaurant Management, Accounting

Nov 07

If you have a growing restaurant business, you will at some point hit the dreaded crossroads where the accounting is taking up way too much of your time. If you find yourself spending too much time behind a computer instead of out with your...

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Secret Ingredients to Boost Your Restaurant's Customer Loyalty

Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Management, Customer Loyalty

Nov 04

The time has finally come. The days of staying in for a home-cooked meal – of spending Saturdays browsing the local farmer’s markets and Sunday mornings at the grocery stores – are becoming obsolete. In an article published by Bloomberg Markets,...

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Restaurant Accounting 101

Restaurant Management, Accounting

Oct 28

Everyone who has ever tried your food raves about what an amazing cook you are. You pride yourself on making the most delectable meals using only the finest ingredients. With lots of encouragement, you decide to turn your talent into a business...

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4 Best Practices to Maintain your Restaurant’s Compliance with US Labor Laws and Regulations

Restaurant Management, Labor Compliance

Oct 18

Just as you would trust your health with a doctor, the government trusts restaurant owners with labor integrity. Did you know, in a recent article released by Restaurant Business Online, 95% of Restaurants in Austin, Texas, that were audited were...

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Three Ways to Reduce Restaurant Food Costs

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Management

Sep 14

The cost of the food and beverage your restaurant sells is referred to as your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) or food expense. It is one of the few variable costs in the restaurant business. With the profit margin in this industry being so low, it is...

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Are spreadsheets enough for COGS tracking?

Cost of Goods Sold, Restaurant Technology, Restaurant Management

Sep 08

Restaurants use spreadsheets for at least some function of cost of goods control. Spreadsheets can be utilized in areas ranging from purchasing to inventory to recipe costing. At some point, it may be time for a more advanced solution.

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Leverage Restaurant Technology Without Diminishing the Guest Experience

Restaurant Technology, Restaurant Management

Aug 30

We often hear how technology is destroying human interaction. But in the restaurant business the very opposite may be true. Did you know that there are great technologies out there that will actually free up your time so that you can spend more...

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Managing Millennials

Restaurant Management

Aug 25

While Baby Boomers are still the largest active generation in the workforce, Millennials are hitting the workforce in stride. Especially in the restaurant business. As the workforce changes, it is becoming more and more important for...

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